What’s your social worth?

Better than doing a vanity search on Google or the thrill of a Klout score, another sense of social worth is emerging – much more significant and with longer lasting value.

Your digital footprint and reputational value are more able to manage than ever before.

Some say social technology’s out of control. It is, by its very definition, beyond us. With disintermediated media, what matters is not so much what a Fleet St proprietor thinks but what a friend does. Word of mouth’s unnerving to those practising industrial-style marketing and management, but its obsolescent, and clinging onto it will diminish business and hold it back.

The convergence of mobility, technology and value is radically affecting reputational systems. Currencies of social worth are not the same now as they’ve been in the past.

Being active in the digital marketplace involves thinking about how your brand is creating network effects for the long term.

At the intersection of mobility, technology and value, attention is a fleeting currency that moves fast and far. Sustaining attention and influence comes from inter-action what people buy into for the longer term.

Currencies are changing, mobile money coming on-streamEmpire Avenue and digital micro-credit systems reframe worth, and with social technology open up flows of reward and contribution that are arriving in new forms.

A ‘contribution economy’ becomes possible with a ‘follow’, a ‘like’ me, a good word spread, with digital connections that raise and redefine aggregate human and corporate stock.

A hat-tip or a credit strengthens network connectivity. Online donations and time banking are human investments pooling resources in pursuit of networked achievement. Target moments replace target audiences. Weak ties become valuable.

At Child’s i Foundation, the combination of giving time, money and love is something we have really been focused on recognising. The first babies home, Malaika, has had its first birthday, testament to a digital network and the value that went into creating this milestone.

Network power laws are reframing social worth. We will be able to identify the disconnected players and develop brand traction by finding people that care.

This operating environment is an evolutionary one in which free will, choice and relationships are augmenting utilitarian marketing. Everyone creates the brand.

Connected as we are, what matters are what friends think, the weak ties, reputation that gets the thumbs-up through interaction.

The future is networked. How might you develop yours?

  • Zhaawano


  • Zhaawano

    social web is out of control – finally. Thank God! If I interpret your words
    correctly, we are experiencing a rapid and spontaneous shift from industrial-style marketing
    management to a contribution-based economy and a new social system based on
    non-aggressive  life values like permission and trust. In short: a very dynamic socio-economic connectivity made possible by a  new convergence of mobility,
    technology and value.  Collaboration and exchange, sharing knowledge freely
    and openly are  instrumental in making  viable  the I-conomy (as I like to call this new intelligent economy);
    indeed  they are the keywords to achieve successful branding
    strategies. I ALSO believe that without common sense, workable strategies and  and a measure of collective self-restraint in marketing  practices, the initial advantages of this new sense of social worth will  in the end lead to less benefit.  But to answer the question in the last paragraph:  I’M ALREADY DOING IT!

    you for your interesting
    post , Anne.

  • Excellent post Anne, as always.