• Where This Story Started

    Early on in my career I was lucky enough to be involved in the UK launch of Apple Macintosh.

    Steve Jobs knew a thing or two about the relationship between technology, humanity and culture. ‘It’s in Apple’s DNA’, he said, ‘that technology alone is not enough. Technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.’

    It was perhaps inevitable that I’d be involved with technology and brands after that. What we make, how we choose to make it, and the way we connect to develop business, constitute the basic elements that make an organisation successful and I’ve always focused on getting under the skin of that.

    Today, the quality of interaction can be measured, helping organisations understand how they can improve what they do. Digital interaction is a central nervous system. That’s the focus of Visceral Business.

  • About Me

    I’m Anne McCrossan and I founded Visceral Business in 2008. After years of working on change management with global brands, I could see the profound differences digital technology would bring to the coporate world including, in many cases, completely redefining it.

    We’re a networked organisation that specializes in solving business challenges, focusing on the relationship between human interaction, business management, organisational culture and performance.

    Getting under the skin of this relationship and how people provide value in networks is becoming crucial to effective business management. And as this relationship becomes powered by data, it can be understood better.

    Visceral Business develops the connections between activities, experience, consumption, data, and processes, using digital skills and data insights to develop new streams of value.

  • Connectivity and Interaction as Catalysts

    Humans using tools in groups to create value is the story of business. Today, connectivity and interaction are creating new business opportunities using new tools.

    As digital design becomes more intelligent, data begins to become ubiquitous, operations are more networked and organisations become ecosystems, we can harness that connectivity as a catalyst.

    At Visceral Business, we view the act of organisation as the act of bringing people together digitally to achieve effective outcomes.That’s action potential and that’s what we work with.

  • How Can We Help You?

    We’re here to help you develop your own digital organisational capabilities, using data as a guidance system and by providing training and digital leadership skills that support you and your people.

    We design organisational methods and process that build operational capability and develop powerful metrics tailored to effectively building business performance.

    By working with us, your corporate purpose, people, data and culture can combine interactively to deliver distinct, digital points of advantage and real efficiencies and impact for your business.