• Dynamic Business

    We take an innovative approach to strategic business challenges that blends digital business design with brand strategy and change management.

    Our aim is to help the organisations we work with develop their skills and capabilities so they can address mission-critical business challenges quickly.

    Our pragmatic way of working is to put digital skills directly into businesses and we deal with business challenges using digital business design by working on specific projects to deliver results.

    The work we do on data strategy helps our clients quantify the performance of their organisation.

    By integrating people and technology development within our approach, the end result is interactivity that delivers value in ways that can be felt, experienced and measured - both inside the organisations we work with and by people who use them.

  • Data as a Central Nervous System

    Our work gets under the skin of what you need to do and delivers clear outcomes.

    We work with your specific business issues both to innovate and to establish robust digital strategies.

    What we do focuses on developing new capabilities for our clients in their businesses, by developing digital assets they own, harnessing the power of their networks and making data a powerful fuel for business planning.

  • Connectivity as a Catalyst

    Humans and their tools have been intertwined across the ages. Essentially, humans using tools in groups to create value is the story of business.

    As digital design becomes more intelligent and data begins to run through the veins of businesses everywhere, organisations become ecosystems and we can harness that connectivity as a catalyst.

    At Visceral Business, organisation is the act of bringing people together digitally.

    This is how we create action potential and that's what we work with.

  • Where This Story Started

    My working life began by working on the launch of the Apple Macintosh in 1984 in the UK.

    Steve Jobs knew a thing or two about the relationship between technology, humanity and culture. 'It's in Apple's DNA', he said, 'that technology alone is not enough. Technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.'

    It was perhaps inevitable that I'd be involved with technology and brands. What we make, how we choose to make it, and the way we connect in the purpose of developing business, constitute the basic elements that make an organisation successful. I've always focused on getting under the skin of that.

    Today, the quality of interaction can be measured by data. Understanding how organisations can improve the way they do things using digital as a central nervous system is the focus of what I do.

  • The Beginning of Visceral Business

    In 2008, during the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, ranks of drummers at the opening ceremony created a global beat so powerful it could practically be seen from outer space.

    That's a measure of 'visceral business' - digitally connected, dynamic organisation that has the power and potential to build performance and hold attention in the same way.

    Visceral Business brings digital intelligence to next generation business performance to achieve this kind of dynamic organisation. We develop the connected performance of networked ecosystems, looking at data flows and digital experiences as part of data-enabled business models.

    It's instinct combined with intellect, profound and on the money.

    As ever, it goes back to humans with tools.

  • How Can We Help You?

    Your business purpose, people, data and culture can combine interactively to deliver distinct, digital points of advantage that delivers efficiencies for your business by working with us.

    We design for connections, not divisions, connecting the dots and developing powerful metrics in a way that's tailored and effective.

    We're here to help you develop your own digital organisational capabilities, using data as a guidance system and by providing the digital skill to support you and your people.