Social brand curation: How are you doing yours?

Brands are expanding from being labels and concepts. Today, social brands are collaborative exercises. They have cultures embedded into the core of the organisation.

More of a strategic emphasis is being placed now on collaborative working capabilities, responsive, flexible organisation and identifying action potential, right through to the fingertips of customer service.

And when social brands are collective experiences, everyone’s memories matter. The sum total of those moments make an impact.

The most important thing here is not just click-throughs or likes; social brands have traction because people gain something about themselves through their affiliation. Value is co-created, iteratively.

Projects like Intel’s Museum of Me reflect that and portray things, through good curation, in a new way.

Mueum of me 2

There’s an innate human instinct we have to see ourselves reflected in order to know who we are. We make meaning and sense like this. We’ve done so since ancient times when humans first picked up stones and looked at their images reflected in water.

As organizations coming together socially, the ‘collective we’ in the social brand is on a similar path to self-awareness.

As individuals we drown in information, but brand identification creates focus, curates stories, and can build narrative about shared purpose beyond profit.

Brands and organizations have stories (as mentioned before in this blog) told in compelling ways, that help them to become distinctively social.

The Guardian timeline of modern music’s a good example of story curation, part of the excellent work in data journalism the Guardian data team are doing.

It places data dashboard and performance management front and center as a key part of a brand story. Good social brand curation delivers credible stories based on logic and magic, data and people.

There are immense opportunities for adding value through social brand curation and in seeing brands as wikis of collective experience. Good curation is key to developing brands people want to be part of, as fans, users, employees and investors, and it promotes sustainable participation.

Curation makes it easy to deliver brand experience that can boost perceived value and differentiation.

Brand storytelling is a cornerstone of digital marketing success.

What’s your approach to social brand curation?

  • Some cool infographics! Curation remains one of THE emerging trends of 2013 – made sexy again by Pinterest, curation is a great way to start conversations and influence the discussions in your market.