• Connected Housing 2014

    Visceral Business produced its third annual Connected Housing Study in January 2015. It looked at 235 organisations in the Housing sector in depth over 2014 and provided an overview of how digital transformation was developing across the sector to help Housing providers develop high-performing digital strategies. As with previous studies, this Connected Housing Study reviewed […]

  • Connected Housing 2013

    The 2013 Connected Housing study built on the 2012 Connected Housing study of the nature and extent of digital media usage by Housing organisations. It looked at the use of digital and social channels, the development of customer service and the resident experience, how digital and social media is changing the business model, how digital […]

  • Connected Housing 2012

    The 2012 Connected Housing Index was produced to help Social Housing providers benefit from an in-depth view of digital transformation activity across the sector. It provided an aggregated analysis of how Housing providers were using digital media and developing services online. Studying over 175 Housing Associations over a period of six months, this report looked at […]

  • Social Charity 2013

    Our 2013 Social Charity report looked at the adoption of digital media and digital business design across over 300 charities and their social engagement with stakeholders, inside and outside the organisation. The study was co-created directly with input from charities themselves. It also included supporter perspectives via a YouGov poll. The report contained in-depth insights […]

  • Announcing the launch of the 2013 Social Charity Study

    How are charities evolving to meet the needs of their causes and challenges in a digitally networked world? Three years on from the first Visceral Business Social Charity study, we’re delighted to announce we’re beginning work on this year’s one. We’re inviting charities to take part in it to help discover the answers with us. […]

  • Social Food 2013

    The 2013 Social Food Report was an analysis of how food service brands on the High Street were using digital media. Studying nearly 100 brands in total over a period of 12 months, this report looked at digital service delivery and social media usage across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as online customer service, and gauged relative […]

  • Social Charity 2012

    The 2012 Social Charity report looked at the use of social media and how the adoption of social business was being approached across over 200 charities and their stakeholders, inside and outside their organisations. A co-created study directly with over 50 UK charities themselves, the report also studied how socially networked charities were throughout 2012 and, in […]

  • Social Charity 2011

    The result of six months of study, the 2011 Social Charity report was our first in-depth sector report. It studied and identified the top 100 social charities ranked by strength of income, brand and digital media performance across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as how charities were working digitally with their supporters. The report identified the share […]