Establishing a platform for change to take an organisation to the next level

When the Partnership for Youth Empowerment, also known as PYE Global, wanted to increase its global footprint and create a partnership framework that could take it up to the next level as a global organisation of influence, we worked with the late Charlie Murphy and the leadership team of this organisation to develop a new set of values and brand.

As it was located across four continents, this process was ground-breaking for the charity. It was also hugely successful in building sustainable consensus and ongoing collaboration across the network.

We created a digital platform and new, dynamic look-and-feel for the brand, with was based on fresh, exuberant and creative empowerment, capable of establishing and sustaining PYE as a leading, globally-networked partnership organisation. PYE Global live this brand today.

Creating a set of values that can build consensus and momentum for PYE Global around the world has led to the emergence of a new, networked culture for the organisation.

PYE logo for case studies

 PYE Global case study Pic

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