Making Change Manageable

Acknowledging her expertise in developing operational dexterity and in managing change, Anne has recently been featured in the book, ‘The Neo-Generalist’, by Richard Martin and Kenneth Mikkelson.

Kenneth and Richard talk about the value of learning and broad spectrum skills development and how, at the kernel of corporate change and in a connected environment, what makes a difference are boundary-crossing people.

They write about Visceral Business and how we take a ‘people-first approach to digital strategy and organisation’ and that ‘Anne epitomises what it is to be a Neo Generalist.’

The book focuses on the way the world of work is changing. It looks at the implications for individuals as they negotiate their own personal terms in the new corporate world and for decision-makers as they evaluate what are the skills of the future to value.

It also features the more in-depth work Anne does on this as co-founder of  The Self Agency.

If you are interested to read more, you can find the book on Amazon.