Enabling dynamic, creative, collaborative culture

Aspire Housing was coming to the end of a two year ‘digital first’ strategic plan with the sense that there was more to be done. Though progress was being made, Aspire knew they needed to get to the root of what would sustain them as a truly digital organisation. That meant enabling a new culture and they asked us for help.

Visceral Business has been working with Aspire using a range of channels and methods to establish a ground-breaking and digitally-enabled values development programme for the organisation.

The first wave of Aspire’s digital transformation highlighted the need to develop greater integration and cultural cohesion across the business. We delivered this in a way that would stimulate increased in-house digital capabilities for the future and devised an organisation-wide framework for ongoing engagement so this could be sustained.

Developing a new chapter for Aspire using our methodology has involved creating new methodologies, blending online and in-real-life interactivity, new metric and analytics skills, as well as virtual collaboration support and facilitation. We’ve introduced a ‘working out loud’ framework for networked working, listening to feedback, developing the culture and abilities of the people in it, and enhanced communications design.

This has enabled Aspire to start a new level of digital business transformation across the organisation.

As Tracey Johnson, Aspire’s Executive Director for Business Development, has put it: ‘The knowledge, experience and style of working of Visceral Business brings boundless energy and enthusiasm that is infectious to all. I would not hesitate either working with, or recommending Visceral Business, to anyone”.

Tracey Johnson testimonial

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