Connected Housing 2014

Visceral Business produced its third annual Connected Housing Study in January 2015. It looked at 235 organisations in the Housing sector in depth over 2014 and provided an overview of how digital transformation was developing across the sector to help Housing providers develop high-performing digital strategies.

As with previous studies, this Connected Housing Study reviewed the full spectrum of digital delivery – communications, channel shift, service design, internal culture and digital business design, looking at processes inside Housing organisations and digital delivery from the perspective of residents and stakeholders.

We studied online activity across a range of functions, finding and buying a home, rental payments, repairs, reporting anti-social behaviour as well as other service functions, aggregating these insights for subscribing Housing organisations so they could use digital delivery efficiently to provide the best possible value for money and deliver social impact.

The report looked at social media activity and service design in the round to assess audience engagement, and how well organisations were adjusting to being digital by default internally.

The chart below is an interactive ranking of relative performance across three core areas – aggregated communications, service design and strength of digital influence relative to each organisations’ size.

Housing AssociationNameTotal (Ranking)Communications (Ranking)Service Design (Ranking)Networked Influence (Ranking)
A2 Dominion Group25234270
Accent Group13914096141
Accord Group565011121
Adactus Housing Group46408351
Affinity Sutton9225520
Amicus Horizon839012137
Anchor Trust20413948
Ashton Pioneer Homes13714510394
Aspire Group22296610
Aster Group141133136127
Barnet Homes132122102145
Barrhead Housing13113811766
Berneslai Homes1037677142
BHT Sussex964413488
Black Country Housing Group12012574107
Blackwood Housing Group144148127102
Bolton at Home10155238
Bromford Group522473
Bronafon 301810031
Calico Housing12511711293
Catalyst Housing52439849
Cestria Housing901126460
City South Manchester Housing3589212
City West Homes136132121128
City West Housing Trust50722947
Coast & Country Housing45596637
Colne Housing13014168103
Community Gateway Association11710481123
Connect Housing148147137109
Contour Homes888310185
Cottsway Housing Association11213016113
Cross Keys Homes75568791
Crown Simmons Housing12812912963
Derwent Living57795524
Derwentside Homes104939092
East Kent Housing11912351143
East Thames Group11567125136
Family Mosaic27207064
First Wessex60604697
Flagship Housing Group8110310626
Freebridge Community Housing801024552
Gateshead Housing Company3752928
Gateway Housing Association10110811425
Genesis Housing Association535111327
Gentoo Group7107936
Gloucester City Homes68851575
Golden Gates Housing Association12913137144
Golding Homes13414277110
Great Places Housing Association54386589
Hackney Homes124114110135
Halton Housing Trust11223
Hanover Housing Association140107142133
Helena Partnerships1119765
Home Group12712318
Housing & Care 21142118142132
Housing Hartlepool11811193108
Hyde Group393612019
Hyndburn Homes67779317
Impact Housing12198104126
Incommunities Group9510061117
Irwell Valley Housing Association931203877
Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust87819574
Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust14131304

Keepmoat Homes451381
Keniston Housing Association14714914657
Knightstone Housing Association9211018134
Knowsley Housing Trust 18303322
L&Q Group898840
Lambeth Living138136125131
Leeds Federated971096182
Lewisham Homes44651106
Liverpool Housing Trust38327434
Liverpool Mutual Homes 34632241
Merlin Housing Society867553104
Midland Heart473919119
Moat Homes 70914871
Muir Group HA77749835
New Charter Housing Trust631114758
North Lincolnshire Homes48622078
North Wales Housing1001196083
Northwards Housing42471786
Notting Hill Housing133128131118
Nottingham Community HA1169534148
Octavia Housing841162953
Orbit Group21354929
Orbit Heart of England11082108125
Origin Housing1271358147
Paradigm Housing Group61862469
Peabody Trust362811
Peaks & Plains Housing31315523
Phoenix Community HA143115117149
Places for People Homes23739
Plus Dane Group7927116111
Plymouth Community Homes896691122
Poplar HARCA1097813284
Progress Housing6488979
Radian Group736421138
Raglan Stonewater28372643
Regenda Group6916133105
RHP The Richmond Housing Partnership1058755129
Riverside Group49618556
Rooftop Group13513441150
Rosebery Housing10612627100
Salix Homes36453533
Sanctuary Housing Association554112246
Saxon Weald Housing149150127146
Sentinel Housing26571314
Shoreline Housing123113117101
South Liverpool Housing Group71687162
Southern Housing10810683124
Sovereign Housing Association33421096
Spectrum Housing Group40584114
St Basils1079214413
St Leger Homes11112422140
St Mungo's1681355
St Vincent's Housing85966368
Staffordshire Housing9910510742
Symphony Group94841507
Thames Reach11310114128
Thames Valley Housing Association5899676
Thirteen Group146137148115
Together Housing150146149130
Tower Hamlets Community Housing145144114116
Tower Hamlets Homes29244081
Trafford Housing Trust72499687
United Welsh41337539
Venture Housing1261434495
Viridian Housing24281167
Wakefield & District Housing 32485444
Wales & West Housing787110550
Walsall Housing Group745372112
Wandle Housing Association98948190
Waterloo Housing Group12213942120
Weaver Vale HT65734754
Wigan & Leigh Housing51545580
WM Housing 823414545
WM Housing Whitefriars 1021273299
Wolverhampton Homes17258015
Wrekin Housing Trust624612430
Wulvern Housing76708655
Yarlington Housing59803161
Yorkshire Coast Homes23148832
Yorkshire Housing19261459
Your Housing Group43553872

If you’re interested a copy of the full report, please get in touch with us.